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You Be You is U-B-U (21)

By Carl S. Taylor, May 1, 2021

The focus of UBU is the anthem of being ones own self. While it seems especially today for many a narcissistic moment it is not. Narcissism is about individual distortion. UBU is clear, it is a balance. It is temperament it is temperamental. There is no play with negativity. We are not allowing the negative, name calling, racial put downs, misogynistic based ignorance run amok. Cowboy Carl told us long ago, “ain’t play with them”. End of story. Narcissistic love of one self too far, overboard. We like the Three Musketeers declaration, ”One for all, All for one”. Our cry is about unity. Unity with ones self, ones family, ones friends and finally with the world. Democracy allows, champion’s individuals and advocates individuality. UBU means peaceful existence, we b about a better you, a better me. Therefore, I b me and you be you. LIVING in a peaceful harmony. Good people, good food, sharing, caring and understanding that our U must always B about the VG (Very Good) in life.

UBU is about peace, peace of mind. Be yourself, express yourself. We attach the fact of living within a society. The collective bodies within a democracy respects everything, everyone. That includes the indigenous, all of planet Earth, animals and anyone usually not considered worthy. We B about holding it down, putting forth a positive, contagious atmospheric motion world wide. No physical, mental, violence of any kind. Ours is revelation that dismisses any excuse, rationalization of privilege to harm in this universal communities. B U understands the pursue of happiness yet, not at anyone else’s expense. We decry, deny and desist all violence, brutality. Our rule is sit down, work it out. No matter how bad, work it out or time out for anyone who attempts to violate our philosophy. The answer to those who insist on being dominant, racial, intimidating, profane, homophobic, misogynistic, hateful against humanity is banishment. The braggart, abuser, hater, destructors, violators are outside of our Circle of Honor. That Circle demands peace, supports the U within the preservation of our freedom of the We. U-B-U will utilize, communicate the power of total isolation of those who put forth their personal or other means of excuses to justify ill gotten negativity. We do not consider negativity in any form or fashion. No need to offer an alternative to truth, peace and integrity…those are the mainstay that we maintain in order to remain we within U-B- U…

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