The title is not a reflective judgement nor insensitivity towards our brethren who are disabled by physical blindness. (Respectfully, it is not meant to offend anyone religious beliefs or history. I am not a theologian nor religious historian. I am relying on history of time shared by public history in communicating with the world community). No, this essay is about the longstanding decisions made by people who are rejecting conventional wisdom. In the Biblical times there are many stories about folks who deny serious threats, danger. The powerful exist from Egypt by the Children of Israel is a story of faith, obedience, fear and jeopardy. After the amazingly victory in gaining freedom the challenge became the split over what Moses charged important as he alone went to listen to God’s message in the mountain. Divisive debates arose from within those left waiting at the foot of the mountain. Some were obedient to the instruction of Moses to wait upon his return after conveying with God. Some, purposely undercut the leadership of Moses. The rumors, fear of being lost or worse the return of Pharaoh with soldiers captured those who were uncertain. Unfortunately for some the resistant faction disobeyed Moses. They became a riotous, partying type of celebrants. Extreme display of rebuking the instructions of Moses, his managers left in command. Wine consumption, idolatry with the manufacturing of golden statues were made. It was an ungodly betrayal of Moses wise counsel. The story goes on to have Moses return to find a hideous celebration. With the sacred tablets of God written Ten Commandments held in each arm Moses denounced the debacle with his personal disappointment quickly transforming into personal rage. At that moment the earth opened up swallowing many of the drunken misled followers. The forsaken collective realized that the folly of poor counsel had serious ramifications. This is a fact in the world history of those who are willing to celebrate not thinking about what is at stake.

The medieval period had its challenges too. The time of nonbelievers, kings, queens and many folks held the belief that planet Earth was flat. The flavor of those times of the flat earth meant that it was fact a ship could cease to exist if challenging this mythology. Now, fast forward to this new millennium. The conspiracies are many, the ignorance is a raging flood. In the world community there are many professional opinions and countless others with their proof, or as some politicians suggest the hunches they have…well, the dreadful COVID-19 is proving its deadliness. College students, young folks, party goers are now the official revisionist of this historical moment. The song from the 70s by the illustrious Isley Brothers, It’s Your Thing is the party theme for thousands. See, it ain’t your thing. It is our thing in the United States of America. Your disbelief is deadly, destroying not just one dimensional aspect of one’s self. The virus is real, it proves that its all embracing deadliness is about equality, it does not care about your heritage, religion, or education. Someone inquired about my usage of the Biblical references. I am an urbanologist and the richness of multiculturalism allows my references to vary from a wealth of resources. I am grateful for the common sense bestowed upon me. I am not a religionists nor a theologian, hardly. The Bible holds great passages that remain insightful. At this moment that suggests our whole planet is in harms way I do pray. Solutions, resolutions, fear, humility, and above all else hope. The praying is what many do when all else fails. Proverbs, calms my water this morning. Proverb 16: 17, The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul.

Watching the countless stories about going back to school, work or normal times calls upon a moment of wisdom. This virus is invisible, our children, elders are extra special or perhaps they are not to some? Our guardianship charges each and everyone to protect ourselves, our fellow human beings. Protect our way of democratic freedom. It ain’t a free for all, no rules. We must have a moral order, and a law that regulates fairness, safety and respect. Chaotic atmospheric madness is recorded daily all around the world. Technology allows us to entertain ignorance which some find it sufferable. You can’t be obedient for the good of yourself, family and society. Is the defiance of scientific data simply suicide? The old adage of sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you is a falsehood. The Fabulist and his followers worship at the altar of mammon. Mammon is their God as is power that is abused. The rhetorical nonsense about your freedom hurts more than you. America genius can assemble a defensive plan that works. We can do what we want if we really want it. The resistance and defiance has proven detrimental, defeating our nation. We don’t know this virus and it is killing us. Stay inside, obey the mask rules. No, not blindly, intelligently listening, considering the folks who know science. Ignorance is a longstanding disease in the world. Arrogance, selfishness and narcissistic behavior is old in America. Is this the perfect storm? Moral blind leading followers who resist truth is the blind leading the blind to the ditch…

—Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16: 18