This is social commentary that evolves around this question of what is right in our present world community. It is our purpose to be as inclusive as possible with a variety of subject matters. That Ain’t Right concept was developed by Carl S. Taylor as a means to communicate with American society in general. The application, usage, defining this essay as apolitical means that the analysis does not subscribe to the traditional political categories as republican, democratic, libertarian, liberal, Neo-conservatives or other historical ideologues. TAR is meant to fill a void of inclusion based on the philosophy of American Democracy. For example all opinions are encouraged, respected as long as the intent, purpose is non-violent, guided by the editorial parameters set forth by TAR, and Apolitical Network and Blockhouse Publishing. That said, our main focus is to create an atmosphere of intelligence, education, multicultural, and respectful allowances of diversity. While it is a realistic state of conversation, discussions, and sharing opposing views should not only be expected but encouraged. That Ain’t Right is meant to stimulate, convey, and encourage serious dialogues. Emotional outburst are not acceptable as rules of both delivery and acceptance, non-acceptance of those participating. Audience participants, guest commentators are respected with opposing viewpoints always. Our rule of discourse is meant to filter emotional, hostile, taunting, narcissistic, non healthy mental health points of views.

It is conceivable, common ground to have opposing views. Our success weighs heavily in honesty, integrity and the more critical compliance with all parties in the concept of truth. This essay was born out of the insistence of political, special interest, and beliefs that truth has many definitions. Comparisons are a constant within our arena of exchange. Opposing viewpoints are part of human development, historically capturing extremes that today are proving more confusing than ever. It is our belief that perception is one of the most pivotal factors as analytical views are now marshaled by an amazing onslaught of technology. Our intent at all times is to advocate an independent ministry of democratic honesty. The present world is entangled in mass conflict of issues, history and more. The deliberate state of misinformation begs for higher grounds of clarity, factual based information that overlaps with government, education, commerce, public health, social justice and faith based institutions. It is our strong advocacy that authoritarianism, masquerading misogyny, homophobia and racism serves few in our world community.

The podcast vehicle is an excellent communique for this subject matter. The advisory circles we communicate from a wide variety of resources allow TAR the sanctity of not be able to always reset any errors that our meetings may suffer. Our desire for truth is to make a better society, harmonious communities that are mindful of others. This millennium only 21 years into a more complex, challenging world that has already been overwhelmed by a world pandemic. The capability of nations, people finding tribalism an excuse to destroy each other via war, enslavement, oppressive means is a reality to often ignored by so-called world powers. TAR is meant to be an awakening, a stimuli of an omnipresent vigilance of humankind. That Ain’t Right is about human rights, animal rights and environmental communities world wide. This universal calling is not money driven. The sole calling of That Ain’t Right is to remind ourselves that it is possible to be good, fair, and morally conscious. It is not our intent to waste time in rhetoric, lawsuits, draconian policies or shame bashing. We see, explain and take action in our thinking to resolve. All of our demonstrations, written, spoken, communications are based on the mantra of universal resolve within higher and kinder expressions. Our podcasts will begin in the weeks to come hosted by Carl S. Taylor, co-hosted by Janice Rowley. Hopefully, other believers in a peaceful existence, will join our much needed exchanges. We encourage sharing, saving and educating universality lovingly, always.