As the Presidential election nears America is wrestling with its focus. Social discourse is strained extremely at this time. Confusion, resentment and anger rules the day. The divide goes beyond political ideologies. The violence has reached a new high in many communities. The public is suffering an invasion from both internal and external threats. Law enforcement is facing an array of negative forces in its daily service. The issue of police being targeted has come front and center.  Public safety is finding a confused divide with minority groups seeing the police as a negative force.  The addition of military weapons, armored tanks in many communities has caused more concern and fear. Where are we going as a society?  There is a growing concern of safety, security and citizenship.  The open carry gun law is on the table along with the second amendment rights. Police have been shot and killed this year within a picture that is even more divisive.  People are scared and confused. Urban violence is torrid and seemingly senseless coupled with domestic violence showing it to be devastating with women and children being murdered more and more.  The clarion cry is to arm yourself. Fear sells guns. How did we arrive at this hostile point?  Our anger is on steroids it seems.  Alarmist, defending our space, pride and tribe.  Social network offer training, firearms, survivors’ preparations for domestic war. Our thinking has changed over the past decades.  Confusion, anxiety and fear triggered the mythology of government manipulation of rights. The urban legend of black helicopters and even President Obama targeting the second amendment. People are scared and an ongoing report of borders unprotected from illegal aliens who are rapist, murderers have made America even more concerned.
The reaction has found many Americans preparing for Armageddon, race wars and foreign terrorist. The overkill is more frightening than the truth.  Where is our common sense? Our leadership? The challenges are great. This Presidential election has shown an anomic state of America. Anomie is a sociological term that defines as social breakdown of norms of a society.  American society in many places is breaking down. How does society address these challenges? At a time that a small percentage of citizens seem determined to resolve the issues with revolution, violently destroying anyone they deem the enemy?
The threat of internal violence from our own citizens is subject to interpretations that historically varied. The King of England deemed the revolting colonies as criminal, treason and eventually a war of revolutionary history. Today? One group of men define the racial inconsistent history. Black men with weapons are a menace to society. White men assert their right, entitled status in American society. This conflict recently found a group of white ranchers armed as patriots as they expressed their discontent over government restrictions on land usage. The nation compared the two differences. Is it race? As 2016 winds down many challenges awaits America in the coming year.  Iconic African American sociologist W.E.B. Du Bois declared race the challenge of the 20th Century.  Today, Professor Du Bois testament is still relevant as ever.



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