The Change of Public Education and Employment Post Industrial

The new administration has indicated that public education is their new policy change.  In the United States of America the foundation of our democracy is defined by public education.  An educated public, well informed citizenry is able to participate in a fair, equal, and educated society.  This fact, along with allowing citizens to improve their position in life by attaining relevant skills to understand everyday life includes basic, fundamental requirements to function as an literate, contributing human being.  Post Industrial America has changed due to the technological transformation of American society.  The impact is tremendous with both reward and penalty.

The new secretary of education champions vouchers, charter schools, religious schools to receive the public funding once belonging to public communities.  My protest is mainly the removal, denial of those who have no solid persons, advocates for their basic education.  America allowed the common man to have access to an education that allowed that person to improve their lives.  This radical change is not a fair distribution of public education funds.  In Michigan the need for public education, a means to bridge the gap of those living marginally is only damaged by such policies that ignores their quest, educational needs to become solid, functional humans in American democracy.

The infusion of traditional education with technology should improve our students in the public domain.  Without any advocacy for the common person in getting a basic skill set to improve themselves the future becomes a greater challenge.  Who advocates for the poor?  The single headed household?  The transgendered youth?  The mental health students with impairments?  The new policy is Darwinism, only those with means to participate will be able ignoring many denizens in American society.  Last, this new education philosophy cripples those who especially need support in this historical time of transformation from industrial era to the new media-entertainment-news industry takes charge.  Yes, indeed, technology has brought many positives changes to our democratic society.  There is no sensible reason to forsake thousands of Americans, immigrants, and all from obtaining the means that benefits America.  This is our foundation of American democracy.  Investment, developing the informed person who can make solid independent decisions to benefit American society.